Boardwalk project needs more funds and time

In closed session, the October meeting of Kiama Council heard it had received written legal opinion confirming that work had started on the Minnamurra Boardwalk Project prior 3 April 2018.

This date is crucial, as without a start by then Council would have to undertake an Environmental Impact Study on the project under new legislation.

The Friends of the Minnamurra River, who are opposed to the section of the boardwalk going out over the river, remain unconvinced and are seeking access to the opinion via freedom of information.

Councillors also agreed to proceed to 100 per cent design for the project, to seek further funding from the NSW Government to complete the Boardwalk, and obtain an extension of the timeline of the project.

In February, General Manager Kerry McMurray estimated the cost of the project at $9.5 million, more than double the original State Government grant of $4.5 million which was expected to fully fund the project.

Council also now has a sufficiently detailed design, allowing it to estimate the full cost of the project. The tender process may keep this figure confidential.

“Due process is still be questioned by councillors, the costings are continuing to blow out and the funding is in doubt,” says the Chair of Friends of the Minnamurra River Will Chyra.

“We are hoping the project will be shelved altogether, as we simply can’t afford it.”

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