Gerringong Museum concept impresses

The designer of the new Gerringong Museum, Penny Hardy, has released her concept plans to the delight of members of the Gerringong & District Historical Society.

She explained her starting point is of ‘a lovely old building set in an amazing landscape’.

The key themes prepared by the Museum Curator, Sandra McEwen – of geology and climate, and of people and the sea – will be in the centre of the display, while the town community theme will run around the walls.

A feature colour, drawn from the landscape, will be used for each theme, and expressed in vertical banners, hung from the ceiling.

Small objects will be placed securely in showcases on benches, and larger objects on floor plinths. There will be extensive labeling, giving context to the exhibits.

“The designer’s intent is that the whole design is versatile, low maintenance, and affordable in the budget,” says the Society’s Bobbie Miller.

While the construction and design process is continuing, Colleen Horner is leading a group of trained volunteers from the Society to obtain oral histories from older people in the community.

“Colleen and her team are keen to capture memories before they are lost, which can then be used to complement and enhance the museum collection,” says Bobbie.

One of the first goals of preparing the site for construction was for the builders to locate a time capsule buried in the foundation concrete thirty years ago.

The container was on show at the last meeting of the Society. It was decided not to open it but to rebury it, along with more contemporary material, for opening at a later date.

Bobbie encourages anyone interested in joining the Society, at this significant moment in its history, to attend one of its meetings, held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

At the next meeting, art teacher Sue Blanchfield will be talking about the research she has undertaken regarding the identity of two wedding portraits found in her grandmother’s cupboard.

She discovered them to be her grandmother’s grandparents, Rosina and Henry Thomas, who were born in the early 1800s in rural England and sent to Hobart Town. From there lived adventurous lives, finally building and running the Royal Victoria Hotel in Terara on the Shoalhaven.

Details: Saturday 26 October, RSL Hall, cnr Fern and Belinda St, 1 pm. Gold coin entry for visitors. Talk followed by afternoon tea and general meeting.

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