Minnamurra Boardwalk: latest designs on show

Kiama Council has released the latest design for the proposed Minnamurra Boardwalk and Cycleway.

The detailed design of the final route for the boardwalk is now 65 per cent complete, providing the community with another opportunity to make comment on the design aspect.

Feedback provided at community information sessions earlier this year has helped guide decisions on the material, furnishing types, signage and construction types for the project.

Will Chyra of Friends of the Minnamurra River says they continue to call on Council to abandon the project.

“In the last 600 metres at the southern end of the Boardwalk, 47 piles will be driven into the riverbed to take the path out over the river.

“We find it hypocritical that Council is opposed to sandmining near one side of the river, because of its possible environmental effects, yet they are saying that constructing a Boardwalk in the river will have no impact.

“At 35 per cent design the cost had ballooned to $9.5m. We wonder what it is now.

“Why continue with something we can’t afford?”

Details: The latest design is available on here. Submissions close 27 September.

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