A chance to talk astronomy

David helping others see what’s out there

For many years, David Finlay has taken every opportunity to share his passion for astronomy with the rest of the community.

He’s alerted people to astronomical events, encouraged people to get up early to see the Aurora Australis from our headlands, set up his telescope by the lighthouse for public viewings and organised Kiama’s participation in the Stargazing Live world record attempt.

Now our favourite amateur astronomer is looking forward to interviewing one of his idols, Professor Alan Duffy, as part of the Institute of Interesting Ideas series.

“I’m so excited to be involved in what is the Kiama equivalent of a TED Talk,” he says.

“I’ve been to a few of the earlier ones, and they’ve all been thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.”

He’s been a fan of Professor Duffy’s for a long time, and suggested him to the Institute’s founder, Naima Brown, as a great addition to the inaugural program.

“Alan is an astrophysist who is able to engage with people in such an entertaining way they forget their fear about not understanding,” says David.

He highly recommends the ABC podcast, Cosmic Vertigo, that Professor Duffy does with Dr Amanda Bauer for expanding your knowledge about space.

“I’m not a professional astronomer, but for years I have worked to find ways to share my knowledge and passion with others.

“I really admire the way these two do it so effortlessly in each episode.”

While David says they will address the topic, The future of space travel and Australia’s place in it, the evening will be a broader exploration of space.

“I’m really looking forward to having fun with Alan and the audience.

“In no way is it going to be a lecture, but I can promise that you will learn something while having fun with two space nerds.”

In case you were wondering, although not surprisingly, David would love the chance to go into space one day.

“Even knowing all the risks, if I had the opportunity to go I wouldn’t hesitate,” he says.

Details: Friday 30 August, Kiama Pavilion, 5pm. instituteofinterestingideas.com.au (use discount code BugleKiama)

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