Italian students off home soon

Giacomo Pitis, Sara Bacchetti, Pietro Bressan, Mattia Turello (kneeling), Eleonora Toffolo, Chiara Sirch, Giulia Iussa, Sofia Crisa, teacher Francesca Crocco and Enea Buoro

The Kiama High community has again hosted students from its twin school in the northern Italian town of Udine.

The reciprocal exchange program has been running since 2003, most recently under the guidance of the Italian teacher, Francesca Crocco.

The Bugle got to meet the nine students just a couple of weeks before their departure in mid-August, to get their impressions of their time on the other side of the world.

They were all very positive about their experience here, and keen to return later in their lives, definately in summer.

Despite the cold, they have been in the water and some have even done surfing lessons.

“The beaches here are so beautiful, and the environment is really clean,” said one.

For another, the experience of seeing a kangaroo in the middle of the road on a drive down south was impossible to top.

They report school is much more relaxed here, with the relationship between teachers and students more formal at home.

In Italy, their school day is usually 8am-1pm, with time for additional classes in the afternoon if needed.

All nine found our early hours of eating and socialising the hardest thing to get used to.

“Places close here at the time we are used to just going out,” said one puzzled student.

He also can’t understand why the popular pizza topping of hot chips hasn’t taken off here, but pineapple has.

Kiama students are due to spend time in Udine at the end of the year.

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