Blue Haven Bonaira unit goes on display

Steve Dawson in the display unit kitchen

Steve Dawson has been involved with Blue Haven since its inception, and is enjoying giving prospective owners their first glimpse of the cutting edge in seniors’ living at Blue Haven Bonaira.

“The units not only incorporate the new standards, but learn from our experience in the earlier stages of the Blue Haven development,” he says.

This includes the independent living complex not offering any three bedroom units.

“We spoke to people in the existing village, particularly Stage 5, and found out they weren’t using them as bedrooms.”

The space (135m2 in the new two bedroom units compared to the 140m2 in Stage 5 three bedroom units) has been reconfigured to include a second bathroom, a separate laundry, a computer nook and more storage.

Modifications to suit aging in home include easily accessible power points, level access throughout (including out to the balconies) to eliminate trip hazards, and an easier to manouvre front door, despite its fire rating.

“The Aging in Place design of the units means they are not going to be a constraint when people get older,” says Mr Dawson.

“It is a future proofed lifestyle for people looking for their final home.”

Each of the independent living units in the three identical towers can be accessed from a carpark underneath.

“One of the big attractions for people buying here is its closeness to the Centre for Aged Care Excellence.

“If one partner needs to move into assisted living, they will be right nearby, and there are other great facilities.”

Mr Dawson says the units have been designed to share the views amongst all owners.

“We’ve tried to give everyone a bit of everything – plenty of light, open spaces and views.”

Only one unit is open now, but it will soon be possible to look through all of the first tower, while the other two towers (and the units over the community hall) are given their finishing touches.

As the orientation and design of the three towers are identical, photographs will be used to show prospective buyers the different views.

Just over 202 groups have registered their interest in the 59 units.

The prices of the units will be revealed in early September, once Council considers the recommendations of an independent valuer at its August meeting.

Interested parties can then nominate the units they prefer, and the units will be allocated through ballot on 22 October.

“This is the same process that was used successfully for Stages 4 and 5,” says Mr Dawson.

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