ALDI edges closer

The proposed retail floorplan

Revised plans for the redevelopment of Kiama Village, to enable the inclusion of an ALDI and other speciality shops, were lodged in late June with the submission period ending on 12 July.

The new proposal seeks to address concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety raised by its original DA.

It removes the potential bottleneck caused by having a pedestrian crossing at the Terralong roundabout, diverting pedestrians along a designated pathway and crossing within the underground carpark to a travelator or lift.

The new plans continue to propose access to the carpark via both Terralong Street and Meares Place. Amongst other things, they also introduce retail space fronting Terralong Street, and modify the materials and colours used in the design.

Residents of Meares Place are concerned that the substance of their submissions on the original proposal have not been addressed in the new plans.

They are particularly concerned about the amount of traffic coming off the top level car park onto their quiet residential street.

“The traffic assessment was done in July and the acoustic report in August, so they both significantly underestimate the effect of expanding the centre,” says a spokesperson.

“The new plans have no elements to mitigate the noise or light pollution, with even the existing sound buffer of trees being removed.

“There is a total lack of consideration for the residents of our street and their amenity.

“We feel it hasn’t been taken into account at all.”

In a nutshell, for those who haven’t seen the plans, the existing building will be retained, with the ALDI and other new shops basically taking up the existing car park area between the Reject Shop and Terralong Street (as well as the current location of the medical centre and other shops).

The lower carpark will be under this retail level, and the rest of the site, with the upper carpark built over the lower carpark (east of the expanded centre).
The redevelopment will result in 89 extra car spaces, and increase retail space by 40 per cent.

Once approved, the project would be staged to minimise inconvenience.
Woolworths and the exist

The proposed retail floorplan

ing shops will continue to trade throughout the redevelopment.

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