Quest to round up ‘real’ locals

86 year old Noel Creighton Snr

Given Kiama’s growth in the last few decades, Noel Creighton Snr has had the idea of starting a friendship group for the over 75s who have lived here all their lives.

“Kiama was a small country town and we all knew each other really well,” he says.

“Now you can go out and not see anyone you know.

“I’m sick of only catching up with people at funerals!”

At 86, he has fond memories of the way things used to be.

“I worked for 36 years at the Lockerts Cordial factory, which was where the medical centre is near Woolworths.

“I remember the train going up Terralong St, going to the pictures on Manning St and visiting Miss Nulty’s Milk Bar.

“Whenever I go up to Blue Haven I think of all my relatives and friends who worked there in the quarry.”

He says if other people are interested in getting together regularly, then they will sort out the format of where and when to meet between them.

Details: Noel welcomes other old timers to get in touch with him on 0491 045 932 and see where it leads

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