Will we remain in Gilmore?

At the time of going to print the identity of the incoming Member for Gilmore is still unknown.

In this limbo brought on by our fortnightly deadlines, we can ponder that, given the population growth on the South Coast and our location at Gilmore’s northern extremity, it is quite possible the Kiama LGA will be affected by the redistribution of Federal seats in NSW, due in 2023.

The number of voters registered in Gilmore for the 2019 election is 122,555.

This is well above the ideal number for NSW of 110,000.

Redistributions are done for the whole state, according to formulas tying the number of electors to the number of members to which the state is entitled.

Given the three to four year Federal electoral cycle, it is most likely there will be another election with us under the Gilmore umbrella before 2023.



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