Declan West: happiest in front of a camera

Declan West hosting The Grinch Movie premiere at Fox Studios

He may be only 14, but Gerringong’s Declan West already has his acting career on track, with a string of credits to his name.

His enthusiasm for making a life as an actor has him almost jumping out of his seat to explain what it means to him.

“I love being in front of the camera, it is the place I’m meant to be,” he says.

“Some people get this rush from being in a wave, but for me it comes from performing.”

He’s been a popular host for various Nickelodeon Australia programs over the last three years, including hosting the Sydney premiere of The Grinch Movie at Fox Studios Sydney last year.

He’s also appeared in a number of short films and commercials.

After years of dedication, and his early success, his bemused parents accept this isn’t just a stage and are supporting him as he looks to promote his talent in the US.

“I have no doubt that this is what he wants to do with his life. His focus is amazing and he works so hard to improve,” says his mother, Samantha.

He’s the first in the family to have this theatrical bent.

Inspired by his first trip to LA for an intensive actors course with fellow students from Emily Stratten’s Kiama Actors School, Declan went back there in December to look for a manager.

“He was successful in securing an experienced youth talent manager in
the first five hours,” says  Samantha.

“We are now in the process of choosing an agent.”

The talent manager, who work covers LA and New York, works closely with American Disney and Nickelodeon, and said she wanted to sign Declan up on the spot because of his overall energy and experience.

The Year 9 Edmund Rice student says his friends are supportive of his ambition.

“Not many of them know what they want to do with their lives yet,” he says.

To complement his acting, Declan does gymnastics tumbling, singing, dancing, surfing, scootering, bmx and skateboarding.

“I’d love to get some bubbly fun roles, with some physicality.

“A Peter Pan type role would be great!”

Declan and his mother are planning to go to LA over the next few months to try and secure some work on the big screen.



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