Kiama Town Centre: options to go on display

Council’s Director Environmental Services, Linda Davis, at a site suggested as a town Gateway

The Kiama Town City Study, soon to go on exhibition, contains a mixture of recommendations to improve the vitality, appearance and usability of the CBD area.

Many of the ideas sprang from consultation with the community, and Council is keen to get feedback on the report before it is finally approved. You can get a look before the public exhibition period by viewing the Enclosure for the 16 April Council Meeting here.

“Once Council adopts the Study, it will be a document that will guide our work in the town centre,” says Linda Davis, Director Environmental Services with Council.

“It is based on what the community has said they value, so we can use it to make sure that any development that comes is going to contribute positively to the town centre.”

Amongst the quick wins (high impact, relatively low cost) it recommends are:

  • a standardization of pedestrian crossings, including the replacement of the controversial ‘rumble strips’
  • the development of an Oceanic Arts Trail (either pop-up or permanent) around Kiama’s foreshore
  • the uplighting of trees, heritage buildings and public art to improve the evening atmosphere and support the night time economy
  • the development of gateway designs welcoming people to the town centre, on the corner of Collins St and Minnamurra St, on west Terralong St and on Manning St at Surf Beach.

It’s the recommendations about connectivity and pedestrian friendliness that Mayor Mark Honey chooses to highlight.

“One of the really interesting things it points out is the lack of pedestrian access through the whole of the township. It’s important to build these links to make it more pedestrian friendly.

“The identification of precincts as places where things can be done, rather than looking at the town as having one character, will also be very useful.”

General Manger Kerry McMurray says he is particularly taken with the idea of having different road uses depending on the season, to add to the holiday atmosphere.

“A summer street scenario could make a lot of sense.”

The study’s many suggestions include:

  • the Council Administration Building staying in its current location, as part of a redevelopment of the site
  • Terralong St being made more pedestrian friendly, with raised pedestrian crossings and a reduction in parking to allow more landscaping, seating and pedestrian areas
  • Replacing the embankment under the train line between Shoalhaven St and Terralong St with a viaduct, to improve connectivity with the harbour.

Specific resolutions will be required to formally commence work on some of the projects, including changes to the Local Environment Plan and the Development Control Plan and the allocation of funding for the work.

More detailed traffic management studies will also need to be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the changes.

Details: The Study will be on Council’s website and available for viewing at the Administration Building in a couple of weeks. An information session will also be held during the exhibition period.







One response to “Kiama Town Centre: options to go on display

  1. If you take away any more parking where will people put their cars. It’s hard enough parking there now I think they need more not less parking spaces.


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