Snail of Approval to recognise cooking ethos

The local chapters of the international Slow Food movement, Slow Food Saddleback and Slow Food Berry to JB have launched their participation in the Snail of Approval recognition scheme.

“It has been going in Europe for some time,” says Slow Food Saddleback’s Celia Ward.

“It is a well recognised symbol that the food offered is prepared on the good, clean and fair principles that are core to the Slow Food movement.

“By highlighting the work these restaurants and eateries are doing, we want to encourage diners to appreciate the effort they are putting in.”

Local food producers, artisans, retail outlets and eateries that meet the prerequisites are being asked to self nominate for assessment by a Slow Food committee.

Luke Basic of Silica at Surf Beach is one restaurateur keen to be involved.

Having grown up on a property in the Blue Mountains eating local produce, and then training at Aria and Bentley in Sydney, Luke has a strong commitment to cooking from scratch using local, seasonal and sustainable produce.

“We’ve got a couple of plots up at Dapto Community Farm that my wife tends, and we also source produce from other growers there,” he says.

“I’m always on the lookout for local produce to add to our menu.

“All of the fish we use is bought whole and fresh, and is line caught.

Businesses that qualify will be awarded with their certificates, and a decal to put on their door, at a ceremony at Surf Beach.

Details: Applications close Friday 15 March. Forms are available at


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