Boral looks to quarry in reverse

The scale of Bombo Quarry can be appreciated by learning that it will take at least five years to rehabilitate less than half of it with clean fill.

That timing may stretch out to eight years depending on the quantity and timing of clean fill that can be secured.

Having ceased quarrying on its 45ha holding, on the western side of the 109.4ha site, in 2014 Boral is soon to lodge a DA to allow it to begin the rehabilitation necessary before the area can be redeveloped.

It’s early days, but it is expected that the future use of the whole site will include a combination of residential, employment, commercial and potentially tourism purposes.

The rehabilitation work will utilise clean fill from tunnelling infrastructure projects in metro Sydney.

The rock will be transported down to the site by rail and road. Crushing may be required and the material will then need to be compacted to engineering standards.

It is expected that some receipt and unloading of the fill will be done at night, although it is proposed the placement and compaction will be restricted to between 7am and 10pm.

The work will be covered by the conditions of its existing Environment Protection Licence.

A Boral spokesperson told The Bugle, “An acoustic assessment is still being completed for the application and will guide the inclusion of appropriate noise mitigation.

“While not yet determined, this might typically include noise bunding (mounds), and the positioning of plant and equipment in a way which reduces the potential for noise to be received outside the site.”

Residents with concerns about the impact of the proposal will have the opportunity to attend community information sessions held by Boral during the exhibition period.

Railcorp is still quarrying its 59ha section of the site, and Cleary Brothers owns and operates on the rest.

They have yet to indicate their timeframes for ceasing work there.



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