Shining the light on planning policies

Meet the candidates: Sitting Member Gareth Ward, Nina Digiglio (Greens) and Andy Higgins (Labor) at the February JVRRA meeting

Ahead of next month’s State election, the State Planning & Development Minister, Anthony Roberts, has agreed to attend a Forum in Kiama focusing on his portfolio.

He will join candidates Gareth Ward MP (Lib), Andy Higgins (Labor) and Nina Digiglio (Greens) at the event organised by the Combined Communities Action Group (a coalition of the various Council-supported precinct committees). The Shadow Minister has also been invited.

Chair of the Group, Mark Croxford, says, “Planning and development matters are constant issues of concern month after month at precinct meetings.

“Decision making regarding the future character of the Kiama LGA has been taken away from the community and given to bodies which make decisions on state-wide legislation that does not reflect local values.

“The Planning & Development Forum will help to raise awareness and understanding amongst Kiama voters about parties’ policies on these matters and what plans they have to give planning controls back to councils and the community.”

Details: Thurs 21 February, Kiama Masonic Hall, Collins St, 7pm


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