Heritage DCP to add Conservation Area

All of the Devonshire St houses were built to the same plan, without using nails

Kiama Council has deferred endorsing a revised version of Chapter 30 of the Development Control Plan, which deals with heritage, until April.

This will allow specific controls protecting the Pheasant Pt Heritage Conservation Area to be incorporated into the document.

The draft amendments put on display dealt only with overcoming shortcomings in the current Chapter regarding the conservation of significant areas and items of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The Heritage Conservation status of a section of Pheasant Pt already confers some protections to its unique domestic housing.  However it is felt it is important to include the extra protections of the DCP as soon as possible.

Councillor Neil Reilly said, “It seems a tragedy that the DCP controls for Pheasant Point have not been on the to do list.

“Let’s amend Chapter 30 once, rather than in a piecemeal way. The recommendations by staff have already been done.”


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