Golden Valley Rd all but approved

The Independent Planning Commission has recommended to the Minister for Planning that the Golden Valley Rd Planning Proposal be approved.

As reported extensively in The Bugle, the owner, Branko Simicic, has been seeking to have the 4.7ha parcel of land on the eastern border of Jamberoo rezoned from rural to residential.

The Commission found that “the planning proposal demonstrates strategic merit and is consistent with the relevant strategic merit and is consistent with strategic planning documents, including the Regional Plan and the Kiama Urban Strategy”.

The Jamberoo Valley Ratepayers and Residents Association (JVRRA) remains strongly opposed to the rezoning, and is appealing to the Minister, Anthony Roberts, and the Member for Kiama, Gareth Ward, to reject the advice.

Believing the community has been ‘locked out’ of the process since the Gateway process began, the JVRRA said in a press release, “The JVRRA wants the Minister to be fully aware of the Jamberoo Valley community’s strong and unwavering opposition – and the reasons for the opposition – before he makes any decision about the proposal.”

Having not been invited to participate in the Independent Planning Commission’s hearing, JVRRA Chair Rob McKinnon said, “It is surprising that the Independent Planning Commission accepted the developer’s assertions (on the views of the community) without question but refrained from examining the huge number of submissions against the development which a range of members of the community have provided in the past.”

The Development Application for the land, and for proposed buildings, will be subject to the new Jamberoo Development Control Plan, introduced to safeguard the village’s character.


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