Paperless DA lodgement

Anyone who over the years has grappled with Council’s one size fits all Development Application form will be pleased to hear that in looking to improve its processing of development applications by shifting to digital lodgement system, there are now ten forms designed for specific purposes.

“We’ve put them up on the website as interactive pdf forms that can be filled in on screen before being sent in with the required attachments,” says Council’s Strategic Planner Edward Patterson.

“We’ve also developed specific checklists for each form, along with comprehensive instructions.

“In addition, each of the forms is in two parts, to ensure that private details are not displayed to the public.”

Council processes around 400 development applications a year, and until now has required all documents, plans and reports to be printed for lodgement.

Mr Patterson says a whole suite of improvements are being undertaken to steamline the processes for both the applicant and the assessors.

“Many of these are behind the scenes changes to improve handling efficiency.”

From Monday 26 November, applicants are being encouraged to submit their plans as electronic documents on a USB, CD or via email.

Customer service staff will help scan documents onto a USB until the transition to the new system is complete on 1 February 2019. From that time, all documents will be required to be forwarded digitally.

“We’ve tested out the new forms with some current users and other residents, and have got some great feedback to help with ease of use.”



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