20 year plan needs your input

Not to be confused with the Town Centre Study consultations (see page 1), Kiama Council is also seeking input from residents through workshops as it begins the process of preparing a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) for the Municipality.

As reported as one of our cover stories in September, like all other NSW local government areas, Kiama is now required to develop a 20 year land use planning vision.

In developing their LSPS, councils across the state are to demonstrate, as appropriate, how they are implementing state and regional plans, policies and legislation, by setting out:

  • a 20 year vision for land use in the local area
  • the special characteristics making local identity
  • shared values to be maintained and enhanced
  • how future growth and change will be managed.

The LSPS will address planning matters in themes such as housing, employment, infrastructure, agriculture, environment, recreation and cultural facilities.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to attend one of a series of workshops to give their opinions.

“This first phase of community consultation is about trying to understand the key themes and issues in the planning space that we should concentrate on to develop our LSPS,” says Council’s Director Environmental Services, Linda Davis.

“We are not going to be going in saying this is what we think the vision and narrative needs to be, but what do you think?

“This is genuinely about the community telling us what their values are.”

In addition to community and business workshops, Council is also hosting workshops with local primary and high school students so they can give their perspective on what’s special about where they live, and how they imagine it changing over the next 20 years.

The workshop details are:

Community Workshops
Kiama Pavilion
Sat 17 November, 10am-noon
Wed 21 November, 2-4pm
Joyce Wheatley Centre
Thurs 22 November, 6-8pm
Business and Tourism Operators Workshop
Old Council Building
Thurs 22 November, 10am-noon

People can register for the workshops online:



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