Planning proposal for 410 lots west of Highway

Kiama Council has received an proposal to rezone a 40ha (98 acre) parcel of land west of the Princes Highway, between Old Saddleback Mountain Road and Weir Street.

The majority of the land covered by the proposal is currently zoned as rural landscape.

The proposal is for residential rezoning of approximately 410 lots of varying densities, as well as identifying areas of environmental conservation and management.

The land is identified for possible rezoning in Kiama’s Urban Strategy.

While the full detail of the proposal is not available to the public as yet, concerns are being voiced about the number of lots, especially given the potential for dual occupancy, and the difficulty of accessing the development.

Council staff are currently assessing the proposal. It is not expected that their report will be ready for the August meeting of Council to decide whether or not to proceed with the proposal.

If Council supports the proposal, and this is agreed to by the Department of Planning, a more comprehensive review of the proposal, including public consultation, must happen before making a final decision about whether to rezone the land.

As with Golden Valley Rd in Jamberoo, if Council does not support the proposal, the developer can submit the proposal directly to the Department of Planning.


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