An author’s view on Bond’s creator

As a 13 year old in the late Seventies, Chris Allen’s first exposure to the work of Ian Fleming was when a friend recommended he watch a rerun of Dr No, the first Bond film, on TV.

“From there, I searched out the books, which were hard to find at that time, and I was hooked,” he says.

Ironically, Chris’s own writing career has echoes of Fleming’s as his Intrepid series of spy novels draws on his experience serving at a senior level in military and law enforcement agencies, after time as a paratrooper.

“While the stories are dated, and his representation of women is appalling, his stories are gritty thrillers.

“The early movies, made when Fleming was alive and had influence over them, are the best as they stick to true to the books.”

Now working on his sixth Intrepid book, the Gerringong based author says it won’t be long until his own character is on the big screen.

Chris is giving a talk, Ian Fleming – Inspirations and Influences, is an opportunity to learn about the author’s upbringing, his literary inspirations and role models, and how all these elements combined to create James Bond, a character who remains unsurpassed in modern popular culture.

Details: Saturday 11 August, Kiama Library Auditorium, 2.30pm.

Free. Reserve your seat at, or call the Library 4233 1133


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