Akuna St DA still ‘live’

Council has met with Nick Daoud, the developer who has been working on plans for the Akuna St/Mitre 10 site.

As previously reported, Council recently decided not to grant a final extension of its contract of sale to Mr Daoud, leaving the fate of the important CBD site in limbo.

“We met with him and explained the reasons for our decision,” says Mayor Mark Honey. “As yet there is no resolution to the fate of that site.”

A complicating factor is that Mr Daoud still has a ‘live’ DA on the site, as the DA process can continue even though he doesn’t own the site.

If Mr Daoud receives approval for the DA from the Joint Regional Planning Panel for the site, it will be up to Council to decide whether to sell it to him or not.

In an earlier interview, Mr Daoud told The Bugle that he did not expect the next version of his plans to have to go on public exhibition, as they were a reduction in the scale of the development requested by the Panel.


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