Sculptor donates wind homage

Councillor Neil Reilly, Kent Ladkin of Natural Necessity and sculptor Michael Greve

Gerringong has a piece of public art in its main street thanks to the generosity of local sculptor Michael Greve.

He created Homage to the Offshore Wind to show respect to the elements that shape the waves and our lives. The sandstone work reflects the important role surfing and yoga play in his life, and also how lucky our lives are, to be living in Australia.

“I always intended the sculpture as a public work. To ensure that, and to gain some Karma in the surf, I donated the work to Kiama Council,” says Mr Greve.

He worked with Councillor Neil Reilly to gain the necessary approvals and to direct the project.

Cllr Reilly is very pleased with how smoothly the installation went, through collaboration between  Council, local business owner Kent Ladkin and the sculptor.

“The community were kept in touch via the South Precinct and now we have another highly valued work of art by a respected and award winning artist on display,” he says.

The location of the work outside Gerringong’s  Natural Necessity Surf Shop was the artist’s choice.

“I preferred a place in the commercial centre of Gerringong, rather than a headland, as I did not want to change what might be a special or sacred spot for someone else,” he says.


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