$50,000 for Gerringong Lions RL facilities upgrade

Gerringong Lions Rugby League Football Club has received $50,000 from the State Government to help upgrade their facilities.

The money will go towards a new gymnasium room and visitors’ change room incorporating new shower and toilet facilities.

“This project began in earnest a couple of years ago and was to be completed in stages. We are now in the later part of completing stage two and three of five stages,” says Club President Daryl Hobb.

“The current project was initiated to address a number of issues including to relocate the existing gymnasium and build a new and larger gym and exercise area for the players and other users of the facility, as well as upgrade and re-locate the visitor’s dressing room away from the canteen area.

“This project will also expand the upstairs area to accommodate the increased number of users who frequent the clubhouse and to make the facility more accessible and user friendly for those who are disabled.

“Without the continued support from our local Member Gareth Ward, who has witnessed firsthand a lot of the work our club has achieved in recent projects over the past few years, we as a smaller club would find it very difficult to finance this project.”


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