Residents call for overdue traffic safety measures

Two years after they first raised safety concerns with Council about their busy intersection, a group of residents of Bong Bong and Shoalhaven Streets are welcoming the news that something is finally to be done.

Peter Stuckey has grave concerns for pedestrians

The November Council meeting endorsed a motion from the Central Precinct, which had taken on the residents’ concerns, to allocate the $8000 needed for an initial traffic management study and include money for the recommended works in the budget. This is expect-ed to happen in the February budget review.

“With the opening of the expressway entrance in Bland St and the construction work in Manning St, our two streets have turned into a rat run,” says Shoalhaven St resident Peter Stuckey.

“They are particularly busy between 6 and 9am, and 3 til 5pm, which coincides with peak pedestrian time when the streets are being used by students and commuters.

“These problems will increase with the high density commercial and residential developments planned for this area.”

While minor accidents occur frequently due to the gradient of the streets and the width of the roads, local residents fear it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

They are particularly concerned for the school children crossing the wide street with no refuge island.

Parents The Bugle spoke to said there was no way they would let their children cross on their own.

“With cars parked on the side of the street, it is even difficult for me to be sure it is safe to cross,” said one. “The cars make big sweeping turns without being able to see we are there.”

Traffic monitoring undertaken by Council in April 2016 found more than 50 per cent of traffic exceeded the speed limit.

Residents had been frustrated that the matter had been completely stalled since Council found out in April this year that it was unsuccessful in obtaining RMS funding for the initial traffic management plan.

“We are relieved that this situation is finally going to get the attention it deserves,” says Mr Stuckey.

“We are very keen for the works to be implemented as soon as a plan is devised.

“It can’t wait any longer.”


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