Final tribute to Gerringong’s WWI sons

Ken Donnellan

Remembrance Day was chosen as the ideal date to unveil a new book capturing the stories of the soldiers listed on the Gerringong War Memorial.

The Names on the Wall is a 900 page opus written by the late Ken Donnellan, which provides insights into every one of the Gerringong soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War,  by gathering their stories and photos.

This project has been a significant undertaking, involving local RSL sub-branches, historical societies, the Family History Centre and also families of the soldiers.

Some of the stories have previously been published individually, as part of a series, but Ken always intended them to be gathered together as a book.

“This book is a fitting tribute to Ken and everyone he worked with to put these stories into print,” says the Library’s Manager, Michelle Hudson.

A copy of the book is available for viewing at the Library. It is hoped to make it available in another format at a later stage.


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