The latest on the Grand Hotel

A new DA has been submitted for the construction a new hotel accommodation building, incorporating a retail tenancy and basement car park, on the site behind the Grand Hotel (where the beer garden and studio apartments are now located).

In contrast to the original DA, this one does not encompass the heritage hotel building. The Bugle has made enquiries about the owner’s plans for the original hotel, but is yet to get a response.

The building is one floor less than the original proposal. The DA documents available online say the maximum height is 12.155m in the southern corner, with most of the building within the 11 metre height limit. A variation to the limit is being sought, with reference made to the allowances given to the adjacent Bathers complex.

Changes have also been made to the design of the building to make it sympathetic to the heritage hotel.

Peter O’Neil, Chair of the Central Precinct Committee, says they will be making a submission on parking and heritage compatibility issues.


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