Rescission motions fail

An attempt by Councillor Neil Reilly to rescind Council’s decision to continue with the changes necessary to prepare part of Iluka Reserve for sell-off (as
reported in the last edition of The Bugle) failed at the October Council Meeting.

He appealed to councillors to consider the precedent they were setting by selling off part of a public reserve.

With councillors Warren Steel and Kathy Rice away, the vote was four to three, after Mayor Mark Honey cast his deciding vote.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Matt Brown’s rescission motion to reverse the decision to change the Local Environment Plan to increase the size of blocks
in Greenfield sites to qualify them for dual occupancy suffered the same fate.

The increase in the required size of the blocks is regarded as a necessary element to implement some aspects of the draft Jamberoo DCP, as it will decrease the number of residences that could ultimately be built on the Golden Valley Rd site.

Councillor Brown’s motion was tabled after discussions with the Jamberoo Valley Residents & Ratepayers Association (JVRRA) and also relates to his concerns about housing affordability.

The JVRRA has released the results of its survey that show overwhelming opposition (93%) to the type of development exemplified by Chapel Hill and the over 55’s development in Wyalla Road, an a strong desire to keep the village atmosphere and rural aspect.

With the public exhibition period of the draft Jamberoo DCP now closed, consideration is being given to the submissions received from 163 individuals and groups.

Mayor Mark Honey remains confident the Jamberoo DCP will be ready for the December Council Meeting.


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