Help solve the mystery of the pavers

In an unexpected twist, as part of cleaning up the grounds of the Carers’ Cottage they are establishing in Shoalhaven St, Kiama Lions have discovered an existing link

The Carers Cottage before work began

with their club on the site.

“We’ve uncovered pavers created at a Lions’ event – the inaugural Seaside Festival in 1991,” says the project’s manager Tony  Granger.

“We have no idea how they got there, as Lions have never had a connection with the house before.”

He’s keen for the creators, many of whom would have been children at the time, to get in touch and share their stories of the event.

“Some of them have full names, like Luke Carson, Sean Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Neale, while others have drawings or sayings,” he says.

“We think they look great, and are going to have them as a wall in the Carers’ Cottage garden so people can enjoy them.”

Details: If you remember making the pavers back in 1991, contact Tony on 0417 139 949


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