$9.3m in projects shortlisted for funding

Hot on the heels of the State Government fully funding the Minnamurra Boardwalk project, other major infrastructure projects are looking possible to be fast tracked.

Kiama Council has heard that the other three projects it submitted for funding through the NSW Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) have been shortlisted for funding. The RGETF is a $300 million fund ‘to increase tourist visitation by investing in regional environment and tourism infrastructure, particularly focusing on assets that will grow and further diversify NSW regional economies’.

An  Extraordinary Meeting of Council endorsed work being done to provide detailed submissions on the projects to the RGETF by the end of October deadline, without further discussion of the merits.

In a related matter, the August meeting of Council called for a report to be prepared outlining issues associated with the Minnamurra Boardwalk project including construction and environmental issues, economic benefit and on-going maintenance costs and the effect they would have on Kiama’s Fit for the Future ratios.






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