Share your views on voluntary assisted dying

Local Liberal Party branches are hosting a series of forums, open to the general public and attended by Gareth Ward MP, to gauge the Kiama Electorate’s opinions about a Bill to the NSW Parliament to permit voluntary assisted dying for people who are terminally ill, 25 years or older and whose illness will lead to their death within 12 months.

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill has been presented to the Parliament by a bipartisan working group, and will be decided on a conscience vote during the Spring Session.

“As your local MP, I believe it is important to continue to engage and listen to the community to best represent your views in Parliament,” said Mr Ward in inviting people to attend.

Rhonni Garven, the local coordinator of Dying With Dignity, says the forums are a great way for the wider community to make sure their views are known so Mr Ward gets a good representation of constituent’s views

“I would certainly have liked the legislation to have been broader – ‘old age’ and a multitude of non-terminal illnesses and pains and misery doesn’t make you eligible – but I accept that this is as good as it is going to get,” she says.  “The Bill has more stringent safeguards than any legislation in other countries,
including several states of the US.”

Copies of the Bill are available via the NSW Parliament website or from

Details:Gerringong Bowling Club – Saturday 29 July, 2pm

Kiama Pavilion – Sunday 30 July, 2pm

Bomaderry Bowling Club – Monday 31 July, 7pm


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