Public consultation on Jamberoo DCP begins

Following its endorsement at the July Council Meeting, the Draft Jamberoo Development Control Plan (DCP) is on public exhibition until 29 September so that community feedback can be taken into account.

Council has extended the usual 28 days to 60 days, given the importance of the document to the village’s future and the strong interest of residents.

“Council views the existing draft chapter as a starting point,” says Council’s Manager of Strategic Planning, Mark Lyndon, who is responsible for the development of the plan.

“It has been drafted, in conjunction with the Planning Committee, to provide a framework and a focal point for the community consultation and workshops.

“The draft controls contained with the draft Chapter are certainly not set in stone. It is anticipated that the community consultation and workshops will enable Council and the Jamberoo community to define and protect the characteristics of Jamberoo that are important to the community.”

Council’s outgoing Director of Environment and Planning, Phil Costello urges people to read the document and consult with Council’s planners if they have questions or concerns.

As part of Local Government Week, the planners will be at a Kiama Council Pop-Up Shop at the Jamberoo School of Arts

Residents are also being encouraged to attend one of two community workshops that are being held to share their views.

Council says the dates of the workshops (5 and 7 September) were chosen to provide sufficient time for people to review the draft Chapter and inform themselves prior to the workshops, as well as leaving sufficient time to write submission afterwards.

Prior to the workshops, an information package, including a copy of the draft Chapter and information about the role of DCP, will be sent to each person registered to attend.

It is expected that until the appointment of a new Director of Environment & Planning, General Manager Michael Forsyth will be taking a keen interest in
the development of the DCP, given his planning background.

Jamberoo Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association (JVRRA) Secretary Graham Pike believes the document is deficient, even as a draft.

“Our advice is it is not as good as it can be and it cannot be made better by community consultation alone – it needs attention by people who are expert in developing these sort of plans,” he says.

“There are some basic simple things that should be included but haven’t been.

“We are hoping we may be able to help in this regard.”

He says he is hoping to be able to present the expert comments he is in the process of collecting at the next general meeting of the JVRRA (Tues 1 August), and reveal the identities of the people who have been advising him.

The JVRRA is still hopeful of obtaining funding to engage a consultant to work on their behalf.

“This is a Council process, but we want to guide and help,” says Mr Pike.

The draft DCP is available for viewing at Council’s offices or for download from its website. Submissions close 29 September.

Details: Council’s strategic planners will be at Council’s Pop-Up Shop at the Jamberoo School of Arts on Tues 1 August, 9-3pm.

The two hour workshops are being held at Jamberoo School of Arts on:

Tuesday 5 September, 1pm

Thursday 7 September, 7pm

Register by Friday 1 September by calling 4232 0444 or emailing




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