Design found wanting

The decision on a development application for 44 Manning St, Kiama, which currently houses Beachside Emporium and a number of other businesses, has been deferred by Council on the request of the applicant to allow for amended plans to be assessed.

The original plans faced strong opposition by the neighbouring Uniting Church, the Kiama Central Precinct and Council officers, with multiple concerns around its bulk, lack of reference to its location, and privacy and overshadowing.

“Our position hasn’t changed too much from a few years ago when it first went to the Land & Environment Court. He changed his designs then to meet most of our concerns,” said Councillor Andrew Sloan.

The developer has again gone to the Land & Environment Court over the new design.

“I hope we can get something good on that site that enhances the streetscape and doesn’t take away the ability of the neighbours on either side to reasonably enjoy and later develop their lots,” said Cllr Sloan.

In contrast, plans for the development of another block on Manning St, between the old Independent building and Westpac, have been recently been approved after taking heritage concerns into account.

Mayor Mark Honey says he is keen for the heritage of the Manning St/East Terralong St precinct to be protected as part of the review of the whole plan for Kiama.

“It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”



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