Making climate change real

The Gerroa Environment Protection Society (GEPS) and Repower Shoalhaven are hosting a presentation by the Nature Conservation Council exploring the impacts of climate change on Australian wildlife habitats and ecosystems.

“The kelp beds off northern Western Australia and the Great Barrier Reef are contracting south, and the mangroves of the Gulf of Carpentaria and high altitude forests in Tasmania are being impacted by climate change, however its not only ecosystems distant from Kiama that are threatened,” says GEPS secretary Howard Jones.

“We are experiencing measurable changes in our own local ecosystems in Kiama.

“Studies have shown that the mangroves in the Minnamurra wetlands are migrating to higher ground and replacing endangered saltmarsh ecosystems.

“Also the increasing community conflicts over beach retreat and dune vegetation at Jones and Werri Beaches may be one of the first local manifestations of climate change driven sea level rise.

“We hope that residents will come along to see what climate change driven ecosystem decline looks like, so they can become part of a movement of change; working to slow climate change down and encouraging our politicians to include climate change adaption into environmental planning.”

Details: Saturday 22 July, Gerroa Community Hall, 3pm

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