Lane access issues for DA

A proposal to build a 16 apartment complex in Bourrool Lane has been knocked back by councilors despite a recommendation by staff that it be approved.

Concerns were raised about the capacity of the lane to accommodate such a large development, both through construction and subsequent habitation.

Councillor Kathy Rice says the development is incompatible with the Kiama DCP as the lane was not of sufficient width as an access road to support it.

Speaking at Public Access on behalf of residents of Bourrool Lane and Hartwell Crescent, Sue Spence said, “We believe the scale of this development is inappropriate and unsuitable for the site location.

“It will be completely inadequate as a carriageway for property with 40 car spaces, amounting to 180 odd car movements a day.”

She also raised concerns on the adequacy of the lane for large service vehicles, pedestrian safety and more.





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