Jones Beach work begins

The formation of a Land Care group for Jones Beach is the first step in addressing the management of the beach, according to Gino Belsito, Council’s Director of Engineering and Works.

“The second phase is to work out where to go to from here in terms of the dune management,” he says. “In the meantime, there is plenty of work to be done to get rid of weeds like lantana, and clearing out deadwood and rubbish.”

As recent editions of The Bugle have shown, there are differing view of how the beach dunes should be managed.

Mr Belsito says he is seeking expert advice from coastal environmental specialists on the issue. Once they are engaged, the consultants will put together proposals and community input will be sought.

“We’d love to get help from people who have an interest in cleaning up the Jones Beach area and can spare a few hours once or twice a month,” says the Land Care Coordinator Mark Hume.

Residents interested in helping should contact him on 0417 299 209.



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