Need for a second entrance to Cedar Grv

The clock is ticking for a solution to be found to provide a second entrance to Cedar Grove, given that Stage 2 of the development will soon be ready to be built upon.

widened Lilly PillyDavid Yates has suggested provide a second access road to Stage 2 through his adjoining western land, if it is rezoned residential.

After feedback from Council staff on his original proposal, he has submitted another proposal to address concerns.

“The previous Council was remiss to allow Stage 2 to go ahead without a second entrance,” said Councillor Neil Reilly at the February Council meeting.

“We need to do something urgently,” said Councillor Warren Steel. “If this proposal does work, it will be at no cost to Council.”

Not all councillors are supportive of the rezoning proposal.

“It is a Trojan Horse to get those houses over the hill,” says Councillor Andrew Sloan.

Councillors Honey, Sloan, Way and Westoff voted against continuing discussions with Mr Yates on the proposal.


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