Tourism: opportunity to have your say

Council’s General Manager Michael Forsyth is keen to get the opinions of a wide range of people operating in the tourism industry as part of the current review of Council’s tourism arrangements.

“The value of tourism to our community is in the order of $140 million, and the employment of over 1000 people is directly or indirectly associated with the sector.

“Council expends approximately $350,000 on tourism, and we want to get this review as right as possible.”

The review was foreshadowed when the current Memorandum of Understanding was reached between Kiama Tourism and Council to split the roles between them.

Council is asking people with involvement or experience in the tourism industry, whether they are members of Kiama Tourism or not, to make submissions on whether responsibility for tourism operations and strategy should revert to the industry member body or be run by an in-house tourism unit of Council, with an advisory panel.

The Chair of Kiama Tourism, Robert Schiaccitano told The Bugle in January, “I think it would serve the community better to have the work done by an independent tourism body, as it had been prior to this from 1986, rather than make it a Council function.”

The industry body has around 220 members.

Details: Submissions close 28 February.
See for details.


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