Dual zoning dilemma

A proposal to change the Local Environment Plan (LEP) to allow properties that have dual zoning (eg. both rural and residential zones on different areas of the one title) to be subdivided is being seen by some as another threat to Jamberoo’s rural village character.

Rather than being “a major amendment to the LEP”, as contended by Graham Pike in his Community Alert outlining his take on the situation, Council’s
Director of Environmental Services, Phil Costello, says it is a minor change that only impacts less than ten properties in the Municipality.

The Druella Rd planning proposal is similar to the Golden Valley Way planning proposal, that was rejected by Council in December, in that it looks to rezone land on the outskirts of Jamberoo identified in the Kiama Urban Strategy.

It differs from Golden Valley Way in its size (15 dwellings vs 100) and that it the rest of land in the parcel is to remain rural.

The proposal was endorsed for Gateway by Council and that has been granted by the Department of Planning. However, in order to proceed, there needs to be an amendment to the LEP so the rezoned land is able to be sub-divided off.

Council’s Director of Environmental Services, Phil Costello, says that the change will correct an oversight in the LEP by inserting standard clause used in other Local Government areas.

“At the moment, landowners who already have split zoning cannot give that residential component its own title, because of the minimum land requirements for rural land.

“There are less than ten properties that are in this situation.”

Graham Pike believes that Council should postpone consideration of all current and future development applications for the Jamberoo Valley until the proposed Jamberoo Development Control plan is completed.

The Planning Proposal is on public exhibition for comment until 17 February.


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