Jamberoo to get its own DCP

In recognition of residents’ concerns about the future of Jamberoo, councillors passed a motion to engage with the community in order to locate areas suitable for future development and to assist with the development of a Jamberoo-specific Development Control Plan (DCP).

“We will build on the work we did six years ago to engage the community in protecting Jamberoo’s unique character while ensuring its economic via-bility,” says Mayor Mark Honey.

The move came after councillors decided not to support a Planning Proposal for a subdivision of 10 acres on the eastern side of Golden Valley Way.

If the decision had gone the other way, it would have been the first step in gaining the Gateway Determination necessary for the rezoning of the land.

The land, on Jamberoo’s Eastern edge, is identified in Kiama LGA’s Urban Strategy as an area for potential residential development.

Two public meetings showed strong opposition to the proposal, and Council received 148 submissions against it and seven in support.

The owner of the land now has the option to lodge the Planning Proposal with the Department of Planning, without Council’s support.



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