Survey shows we are happier than most

2015-12-02 15.18.15A telephone survey of 505 Kiama residents shows 82.6 per cent are satisfied with the performance of the Council.

The survey was conducted by the IRIS Research, an organisation with specialist experience in this field.

“This is a fantastic response from the community, and a great endorsement of the work done by all our Council staff from the bottom to the top,” says the new Mayor, Mark Honey.

“The survey is also pleasing as Kiama Council exceeds comparable councils in 19 out of 24 services or facilities for which there is a benchmark.”

The survey also confirms the strong feeling of community in the Kiama Municipality, with:

  • 96.8 per cent of residents interviewed saying they felt safe in the Kiama area
  • 80.7 per cent of residents saying they felt part of their neighbourhood or community
  • 47.8 per cent of residents indicating they were actively involved in a community organisation.

“Whilst there are many positives to come from this survey, it is also important in identifying areas for improvement.

“Residents would like to see Council increase its communication and consultation and address issues to do with car parking in the Kiama CBD.

“There is also a desire for us to further engage in areas such as employment and business support.”

“This feedback will be an invaluable tool for Council as we begin a new term. I look forward to working with my fellow councillors and staff to meet these challenges.”


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