Watson his own man

2016-09-20-16-48-45There can’t be too many communities where a councillor might well be delivering your mail or helping protect you in a fire.

A strong showing by the Community & Labor team in the recent election, where they received 17.6 per cent of the group vote, has led to Don Watson winning the final spot on Council.

Councillor Watson is adamant that he won’t be voting as a block with the ticket leader, former state MP and now Councillor Matt Brown, although he wanted Labor in the group’s name given his background.

“Matt and I will have a lot of things in common, but there are obviously going to be times when our opinions conflict.”

Councillor Watson has lived in the LGA for 25 years, first in Gerringong and then in Kiama, and his wife was born here. He has been very active in the community, both in the union movement and emergency services, since he arrived.

“I see this new role as just another way of giving back to the community,” he says.

“When we do the markets for the fire service in Gerringong I say to people it is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. It is something I want to maintain.”

He is keen to investigate getting a refund for the cost of the plebiscite from the State Government, and is greatly concerned by the type of development that has been permitted and housing affordability issues.






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