Pre-polling effort by the candidates

On the eve of the election, if there is one thing the candidates for Council all agree on it is that pre-polling should be cut back to one week. For two weeks, members of the six tickets have been manning the entrance to the polling station, hoping to sway voters their way. On a good day, a couple of hundred people will pass by.

With postal votes also an option, all of the candidates we spoke to said the two weeks was too long. Mark Honey noted all of the pre-pollers were over 50.

Our next edition goes to the printer the day after the first meeting of the new council, so we will be the first to bring you an interview with the new mayor.

Just who that will be is still a mystery, with a number of contenders expected to throw their hats in the ring should they be elected.

Mark Way, Neil Reilly, Kathy Rice and Matt Brown have signaled their interest, with Mark Honey receiving the endorsement of the outgoing mayor. Other runners may also emerge.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the last two weeks is the opportunity for them to get to know each other better.


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