New proposal from the Inghams

screenshot-2016-09-06-07-17-03Following a Land & Environment Court conciliation process, Robbie Ingham has abandoned his original plans for the main building on his property on the headland just south of Gerringong’s Boat Harbour.

It is understood the amended DA before Council refers only to the main residence, and its style has moved from French manor to a circular design (with a 62m diameter), partially underground, with a planted roof ringing around.

The edge of the circle is on the foreshore building line, rather than over-reaching it as the original proposal did, but it is still not within the approved building envelope.

South Precinct’s Darrell Clingan says that the Inghams have listened to the community in reducing the size and bulk of the main building. “We still have to find out more detail to make an informed comment,” he says. “It is another case of Council making it hard to find things out.”


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