Update on Megan’s fight against MS

MeganWe are please to report Megan Rundback has returned from her trip to Russia where she underwent a treatment to halt her MS. It is still early days, but the signs are good.

“My blood work is being tested weekly and each week there are improvements,” she says. “Dr Fedorenko believes my MS has been halted. I am seeing improvements in some of my symptoms, but it is still too early to gauge how improved they are as my body is still weak from the treatment.

“I had chemotherapy over five days and then the transplant of my stem cells. This treatment is termed a bone marrow transplant and recovery can take six months and for some up to a year.

“I will go for MRI scan in 6 months to confirm no new lesions or progression.

“I am really happy I have had the treatment and want to thank my family, friends and all the fantastic community support
I have received. I am forever grateful!”

She is recuperating with her parents in Sydney for 6-8 weeks before coming home.


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