Party politics to return to council?

After many years of not running an endorsed Labor team in the local elections, it is highly likely to happen this year with former state MP Matt Brown heading the ticket.

At the time of going to press, the local Labor branch meeting (at which the endorsement will be put to a vote) is just a day away, so no official comment is being made.

The move is significant as, unlike other tickets, any successful endorsed Labor candidates will vote at council meeting, as a block. It is also seen as a possible threat to the vote for Neil Reilly’s ticket, given he was previously a Labor Party member and Federal candidate (although
he has always run on an independent ticket for council).

Neil Reilly is the first to announce the other candidates on his Community Voices ticket: David Connolly, David Finlay, Tass Schmidt and Kim Elder.

The Greens also have a ticket, headed by Andrew Sloan and Kathy Rice. Mayor Brian Petschler, Gavin McClure and Dennis Seage are still to announce their intentions.


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