Some councillors still undecided

Councillor Warren Steel has decided to stand for election again in September, having previously declared his intention not to stand.

Councillor Steel, who has already served 20 years on Council says he has been swayed by the number of people who have asked him to stay.

“They keep telling me I am the one that get things done,” he says.

That leaves just three others on the current Council, Mayor Brian Petschler and councillors GavinMcClure and Dennis Seage who remain undecided about their intentions.

All say they are still giving it serious consideration.

There is still a month before nominations for the election close, and rumours abound about who will run.

Info sessions for potential councillors

As foreshadowed in previous editions, Local Government NSW is coming to town to run two Candidate Information Sessions for people interested in running for Council at the election on 10 September.

Each three hour session will cover key topics that prospective candidates need to have an understanding of prior to nominating for council.

Content covered will include:

  • the benefits and importance of Local Government
  • understanding the role of Council and the role of Councillor
  • the importance of diverse representation on Council
  • importance of speaking out on key issues and how to do so confidently
  • meeting procedures and rules of debate
  • the support available including information and networks.

The sessions are an opportunity for people to find out about what is involved in being a councillor before they nominate between 1-10 August. has full details of the election process

Details: Monday 4 July, 9am-12noon or
5.30-8.30pm downstairs at The Pavilion Kiama.
To attend, contact Sue Wiaczek on 4232 0444 or


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