Red Cross Fun Run exceeds expectations

Close to 400 people participated across the three distances (18, nine and five kilometres) of this year’s Red Cross Fun Run on the long weekend, with almost $7000 being raised.

June 2016 1341Branch President Heidi Smith says she is thrilled with the result. There were a mix of pre-registered runners and runners who registered on the day, as well as holiday makers who just turned up to have a go.

She loved the diversity of the runners in the event: there were competitive runners from registered running clubs, fun runners, a school team, and dogs of all shapes and sizes for the pooch event.

“The diversity of participants really does exemplify the theme for the day: Set Your Pace For The Human Race. It would be difficult to find a broader range of people in any one such event,” says Heidi.

All the feedback was positive with everyone agreeing the new 18 kilometre run offers an exceptional opportunity to build the event for the future.

“I think some runners have already booked their registrations for 2017 – the books are open now!” she says with a smile.




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