Dave Edgerton receives his Australian Service Medal

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward recently presented an Australian Service Medal to local Kiama resident and retired police officer Dave Edgerton for his 30 years of service in the Australian Defence Force.

The special presentation was made at Blue Haven, with Mayor Brian Petschler, General Manager Michael Forsyth and Councillor Mark Way in attendance.

“Mr Edgerton received his Australian Service Medal with Clasp Papua New Guinea for his service in the Australian Defence Force between 1945 and 1975,” said Gareth Ward.

“On behalf of a grateful local community, I would like to thank Mr Edgerton for his distinguished service to our country in the Australian Defence Force and also for his legacy in Kiama as a retired Police officer who served to protect our community for many years.”

Councillor Way said that Mr Edgerton was a well-respected identity in the Kiama.

“Dave is a stand up bloke whose service in 10th Commando in New Guinea during World War II saw him in action against the Japanese at the very pointy end of jungle warfare in a campaign that was against a ruthless enemy. It required blokes of statue and courage to help win that war for Australia and its allies,.

“His police service was a continuation of service for the community of Kiama and in this position he was well respected and an officer who no one really wanted to get offside. This reputation was well known in the town and greatly assisted in maintaining law and order.

“At 91, you can still see the qualities that made Dave well known and respected identity in his local community. Only other veterans could comprehend what men like Dave went through for their country. We are all indebted. Lest We Forget.”


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