Help make this mountain of wool into wraps

hq image wrap with love donationsAn anonymous local has donated a truly impressive amount of wool to Wrap with Love coordinator, Rae McClymont.

In 1992 Wrap with Love began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm Wraps to ward off hypothermia. Since then, more than 400,000 Wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia.

Rae became involved in 1998, wanting to do something practical to help the people of Kosovo. She’s been knitting the ten inch squares, sewing them together and encouraging others to help since then.

“It would be great to use this donation as a way of getting more people involved in this wonderful cause,” she says. “Some of us are getting a bit old, and we need some younger people to get involved.”

The Library will be holding its annual Knit In in July, but there is plenty of good knitting time before then.

Details: If you’d like to join in this uniquely Australian humanitarian effort, contact Rae on 4237 7984.


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