Drew honoured with ARTEXPRESS acquisition

During the official opening of the ARTEXPRESS exhibition at Wollongong Gallery, Kiama High’s Drew Mathiesen had the honour of receiving the Wilkins Acquisition Award for Excellence.

Works chosen for this award have been collected since 1974 and exhibited in the William Wilkins Gallery in the Bridge Street Office of the Department of Education. They are highly sought after to enhance the working environments of many government departments.

The Department of Education purchases approximately ten new bodies of work from students exhibiting in ARTEXPRESS each year. The Arts Unit coordinates the purchase of works for the Wilkins Collection. Works by significant young Australian artists such as Jasper Knight and Benitta Bob are included in the collection.

It is a real honour for Drew’s art to be chosen.

His body of work, titled The Crossroads of the World, was also used on the official invitation for the exhibiton opening and is featured on a large outside sign advertising the exhibition.

Details: Drew’s work, along with fellow student Rachael Theiring’s beautiful ink works Who Are You, are on display until 19 June at Wollongong Gallery


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